PSV 146 Platform Supply Vessel20139120 BHP 92.00 x 19.00 1,050.00 m216,000,000 USD
PSV 116 Platform Supply Vessel. Supply/ Rescue/ Service Vessel/ Oil Rec/ Towing/ FIFI I19997372 BHP 70.40 x 16.00 3,500,000 USDTry offer
MPP 140 Seismographic Research Ship / Multi purpose vessel19803600 BHP 77.30 x 19.00 2,896,928 USD
AHTS 111 Anchor Handling Tug Supply199814830 BHP 73.50 x 16.40 560.00 m2, 1000 mt load4,000,000 USD
AHTS 112 Anchor Handling Tug Supply199915072 BHP 73.50 x 16.40 550.00 m2 deck area. 1000 tons4,000,000 USD
AHTS 110 Anchor Handling Tug Supply19987536 BHP 66.65 x 16.40 550.00 m2 deck area. 1000 tons4,000,000 USD
PSV 143 Platform Supply Vessel20085452 BHP 71.90 x 16 1,600.00 Tons4,000,000 USD
PSV 142 Platform Supply Vessel20085452 BHP 71.90 x 16.00 1,600.00 Tons4,000,000 USD
PSV 141 Platform Supply Vessel20085452 BHP 71.90 x 16.00 1,600.00 tons4,000,000 USD
PSV 140 Platform Supply Vessel2008, 5452 BHP 71.90 x 16.00 1,600.00 tons4,000,000 USD

Offshore / Supply vessels 

Offshore / supply vessels refer to a category of ships that operates in the offshore industry with oil and gas platforms or with offshore wind turbines.  

PSV – Platform supply vessel 

The PSV vessel is especially designed for supply offshore- and gas platforms. A PSV vessel can vary in size from 50 to 100 meters depending on its operation. The primary operation of a PSV vessel is to perform logistic support, transportation of tools, goods and other equipment to oi-l and gas platforms.  

AHTS – Anchor handling tugs 

An AHTS vessel is an ocean-going tug that handle anchors for oil rigs. AHTS vessels have generally much power for increasing its bollard pull when towing. This vessel type is constructed for the unforgiving conditions in the North Sea. AHTS differs from PSV vessel in being fitted with winches for anchor handling and towing and with its open stern. This also enable the vessel to function as rescue vessel for stranded vessel, due to capabilities in rough weather and its powerful bollard pull.  

Offshore / supply vessels for sale 

Atlantic Shipping has several Offshore / supply vessels for sale. If you are looking for more specialized offshore vessels or additional information on the ships for sale, please contact our office.  

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