What we do

Atlantic Shipping is a company of experienced shipbrokers within the area of newbuildings of fishing vessels and specialized tonnage. Since 1986 we have assisted in more than 30 newbuilding projects.

Atlantic Shipping makes your newbuilding project happen. We make sure that you get the right design, shipyard and contract for your newbuilding project.

Our competencies:

– Development of the projects for; Purse seiners / Pelagic trawlers, Wet fish trawler, Freezer trawlers, Reefer/container vessels, Inspection / Research vessels, Ferries, Floating docks and other specialized tonnage.

– Assistance for public and private tenders.

– Identifying relevant shipyards.

– Negotiation of contracts for newbuildings.

– Assistance in design, technical and financial matters.

– Collecting quotations.

– Procurement of supervision.

– General follow up and coordination of newbuilding projects.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for your next project