Privacy Policy

Document version 1.0

Prepared by: Janne Nilsson                    Approved by: Mikal Jespersen

Approved: June 21, 2021                         To be revised: June 2022


The purpose of this policy is to inform our customers of the information we collect and process in connection with the customer relationship.

This information about our processing of personal data describes how Atlantic Shipping protects your personal data and your statutory rights. As part of our business operations, we register and use information about you (personal information). We take all necessary precautions to protect your personal information in accordance with applicable law.

Why do we register and use your personal information?

We record and use information about you to comply with our agreements with you, including agreements for the purchase of goods and services.

This means that we register and use personal information when:

  • You have entered into or are considering entering into an agreement with us for a service or product, cf. the nature of the Personal Data Ordinance. 6.1 (b)
  • You have given us consent to use your personal information for a specific purpose, cf. the nature of the Personal Data Ordinance. 6.1 (a)
  • We are legally obliged to do so, e.g. according to
  • Tax legislation
  • The Accounting Act
  • The Payment Act
  • The Data Protection Act
  • It is necessary to pursue the legitimate interests of Atlantic Shipping A / S, cf. Art. 6.1 (f). It can e.g. be to prevent abuse or loss, and / or as part of direct marketing purposes. In this context, we only record and use your personal information if our interest clearly outweighs your interest in us not processing your personal information.

What personal information do we register and use?

We register and use different types of personal information depending on which services or products you have ordered or are interested in, including:

  • Basic personal information, e.g. your name, your contact information and your address
  • Information about the services and products we provide to you.

Special categories of personal data (“sensitive personal data”)

As a rule, we do not register sensitive personal information. Should this exceptionally become necessary, we will ask for your explicit consent, cf. the nature of the Personal Data Ordinance. 9.2 (a) to record sensitive personal data, unless we have a statutory right to record sensitive personal data, e.g. in connection with legal requirements, cf. Art. 9.2 (f).

Why and how do we record and use your personal information?

We register and use personal information in connection with our delivery of products and services, and in connection with marketing.

We also record and use the information in connection with other activities in relation to certain services and products, including:

  • Customer service and administration
  • Development of our products, services, systems and business
  • Marketing of our services and products
  • Determination of fees and prices for our services and products
  • Identification and approval of customers
  • To meet statutory requirements

We collect the information directly from you or by observing your actions, e.g. when:

  • You fill out forms on our website
  • You call us. We will inform you if we record the telephone conversation.
  • You use our website, products and services
  • When you communicate with us via email
  • You have given us your business card

Legal basis

Our processing of your personal data requires that we have a legal basis for the processing. Depending on the treatment in question, the legal basis will be one or more of the following:

  • The processing is necessary for the purpose of fulfilling a contract to which you are a party (eg your purchase of our products) or for the purpose of implementing measures taken at your request prior to the conclusion of a contract, cf. Art. of the Personal Data Regulation 6.1 (b),
  • The processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation incumbent on us, e.g. pursuant to legislation, including accounting legislation and tax legislation, cf. Art. 6.1 (c),
  • The processing is necessary for us or a third party to pursue a legitimate interest that, after a balance of interests, takes precedence over your interests and fundamental rights and freedoms that require the protection of personal data, cf. Art. 6.1 (f),
  • We may have specifically collected a consent from you for the processing, cf. herewith the nature of the Personal Data Ordinance. 6.1 (a).

How long do we store your personal information?

We store your information for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which your data has been registered and used, or until you request that the information be deleted.

Third parties and your personal information

Personal information from third parties

We record and use information from third parties, including from:

  • Publicly available sources and registers. We register and use e.g. the information to check the accuracy of the information.

Third parties with whom we share your personal information

In some cases, we share your personal information with third parties:

  • We pass on information about you to public authorities, where this is imposed on us in accordance with applicable law, including to SKAT and for statistical purposes and similar purposes.
  • We may pass on your information to external business partners if we have your consent or we have a statutory right to do so.
  • In connection with IT development, hosting and support, we transfer personal information to data processors. We ensure that your rights are protected and that the level of protection is maintained in connection with such data transfers.


In order to provide the best possible experience on Atlantic Shipping’s website,, we keep statistics on how users use the pages. The statistics are used exclusively in anonymised form e.g. to see which pages and content users are interacting with. can use Google Analytics to collect visitor statistics and in this connection passes on IP addresses to Google Analytics. The privacy policy for Google Analytics is accepted by visiting and can be found here:

Atlantic Shipping and all business partners and suppliers have a data processor agreement that must ensure the interests of users and customers at all times. These agreements can be presented at any time on request.

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Your rights

Insight into your personal information

You can gain insight into the personal information we have registered and use, including where it comes from and what we use it for. You can find out how long we store your information and who receives information about you, to the extent that we pass on personal information in Denmark and abroad. However, your right of access may be restricted by law or restricted to the extent that your access to specific information would infringe the rights of others.

Manual treatment

You can gain insight into how an automated decision is made as well as the effects of the decision, and you are entitled to manual processing of any automated assessment.

Right to object

In certain cases, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. This applies, among other things, when the treatment takes place on the basis of our legitimate interest.

Objection to direct marketing

You have the right to object to our use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes, including profiling in connection with such a purpose.

Correction or deletion of data

If our data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you are entitled to have the information corrected or deleted with the limitations that follow from applicable law or rights to process data. These rights are referred to as “the right of rectification”, “the right of erasure” and “the right to be forgotten”.

Limited use

If you believe that the information we have recorded about you is incorrect, or if you have objected to our use of the information, you may demand that we restrict the use of the information for storage.

Withdrawal of consent

You can revoke a consent at any time. Please note that if you revoke a consent, we may not be able to offer you certain services or products. Please note that we also continue to use your personal information, e.g. to abide by an agreement we have entered into with you or if we have a statutory right to do so.

Data portability

If we use information you have provided based on your consent or agreement, and the processing of the information is automated, you have the right to receive a copy of the information you have provided in an electronic machine-readable format.


Contact information and access to justice

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about your rights and how we register and use your personal information. You can contact us here:

Email: [email protected]

Islands Brygge 26, 2300 København S, Denmark

Tel .: +45 33 32 39 97


If you wish to lodge a complaint about our processing of information about you, you can lodge a complaint via the Danish Data Protection Agency:

The Data Inspectorate

Borgergade 28, 5.

1300 Copenhagen K

E-mail: [email protected]