A passion for fishery

Atlantic Shipping’s founder, Ture Korsager, grew up in the Danish fishing port Esbjerg. Very early in his life he developed a passion for fishery. In high school Ture spent his summer holidays at sea, and once he had finished high school he went fishing for two years.

In 1979, as part of his further education, Ture started working in Maersk Broker. In 1986 he and his former partner founded Atlantic Shipping. Ture Korsager became sole owner of Atlantic Shipping in 1990. Today Atlantic Shipping is one of the world’s leading shipbroker companies within the field of fishing vessels.

Our well educated and dedicated team of shipbrokers from Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Sweden and China enable us to maintain this position. As a truly international company we have developed new markets all over the world.  We continue our involvement in the “classic” North Atlantic markets such as Denmark, Norway, UK, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland and Canada.

Our staff communicates in many languages; English, Spanish, French and Norwegian, just to mention a few. Our mission is to stay a reliable, long term business partner for our many clients, whom we take pride in visiting at regular intervals.

Key words for our business are respect, reliability, competence and dedication.