Type Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW
Built 1999 Karmsund Maritime Service, Norway
Class DNV ✠ 1A1 Fishing vessel(S) E0 Ice(C)
Tonnage Gt/nt 1773 GT / 531 NT
Dimensions 68.10 x 12.60 m
Main Engine 5200 BHP MAK, 8M32, 600 RPM
Propeller Volda propeller in kort nozzle, diam. 3600 mm
Hold 1681 m3 in 9 x RSW tanks - RSW tanks sand blasted and painted in 2022.
Deck Equipment 2 x 45 tons Karmøy purse winches, 2 x 83 tons Karmøy trawl winches, 1 x 55 tons Karmøy net drum, 1 x Karm net winch, 2 x net bins: 175 m3 and 150 m3 respectively, etc
Cooling Equip. 2 x 885.000 kcal RSW, Oyangen. Medium Ammonia. New 2019/11.
Side Thrusters 2 x 800 BHP Brunvoll - one gear box new 2013
Accomodation 14 persons: All cabins with own wc/shower.
Inspection Upon arrangement with Atlantic Shipping A/S
Price NOK 75,000,000
Delivery Date May 2024
Remarks 2022: RSW tanks sand blasted and painted (Hempadur 15600), approx. 280m of pipes were changed from steel to plastic in the RSW tanks, maintanace and repairs done the winches. 2019: Drydocked and new ammonia RSW system installed.