Type Mother vessel / Processing vessel for pelagic fish
Built 1991 Tacoma Boatbuilding Co. Inc, USA
Class DNV ✠ 1A Fish Factory Ship
Tonnage Gt/nt 7568 GT / 2677 NT
Dimensions 111.69 x 18.29 m.
Main Engine 2248 BHP Caterpillar D399TA. (Two main engines of 1124 BHP each)
Propeller Twin propllers
Hold 2000 tons in freezing hold (palletized)
Extra Hold 2 x 425 m3 RSW tanks
Deck Equipment 2 x 4 ts ZM-MKB X-Marine deck crane, 2 x 2.3 ts Alaska Marine telescope cranes
Freezing Equipment 36 x Optimar vertical plate freezers, Capacity: 285 ts/day in tropical waters / 350 ts/day in cold water
Cooling Equip. RSW system capacity: 800 kW
Factory For pelagic fish
Side Thrusters 1 x 400 BHP bow thruster
Accomodation For 58 persons
Inspection Upon arrangement with Atlantic Shipping
Price USD 25,000,000
Delivery Date In 2024
Remarks Finished as Incenerator vessel in 1985, but never commissioned. Vessel rebuilt for fish processing and commissioned 1991.