Pelagic quotas for sale

Atlantic Shipping can offer various industrial quotas for sale in Denmark and Estonia

Danish IOK quotas 1:

  • Tobis (Sand eel): 10 ‰ for DKK 25 mil.
  • Sperling (N. Pout) 10‰ for DKK 10 mil.

The quotas are sold together at a price of DKK 35 mil.

Danish IOK quotas 2:

  • Sprat in Skagerrak / Kattegat: 12.38 ‰ for DKK 500,000 / ‰
    Total price: DKK 6,190,000

Estonian quotas:

  • Sprat (Central Baltic): about 860 tons
  • Herring (Central Baltic): about 160 tons
  • Herring (Bay of Riga): about 700 tons
  • COD (Western Baltic): about 180 kilos
  • COD (Central Baltic): about 600 kilos

The quotas must be owned by Estonian registered companies but they can be caught by EU flagged vessels.

Other pelagic quotas:

Occasionally we have unlisted Danish industrial quotas for sale.

Please contact Nils Korsager for more information