Name Ólavur Nolsøe
Type Pelagic and bottom freezer trawler w/ RSW tanks and H/G
Built 1986 Sterkoder mek. Verksted A/S, Norway
Class Det Norske Veritas, ✠1A1, Stern Trawler, Ice C
Tonnage Gt/nt 1,591 GT / 638 NT
Dimensions 57.00 x 13 m.
Main Engine 4100 BHP MAN B&W Alpha 27/32. New 2011. (3015 kW)
Speed/Consumption 12 knots
Deck Equipment 2 x Brattvaag DM-6300 Trawl winches, 3 x Brattvaag DMM-9300 gilson winches, 2 x Brattvaag DSM 4185 Net drums / Sweepline winches, 1 x Brattvaag NETM-4185U net drum, 1 x Brattvaag DMM-4185. Cod-end winch
Cooling Equip. 460.000 kcal/hr RSW cooling capacity. Refrigerant: Freon R22
Delivered 2016/08
Sold to/from Sold to Russia from Faroe Islands.
Remarks 2007: Rebuilt for pelagic trawling, 3 x RSW tanks installed (150 m3)