Name Julianne III
Type Pelagic trawler / purse seiner
Built 2005 Norway/SIMEK
Class Built in accordance with NNV +1A1 Fishing vessel Ice-C T-MON
Tonnage Gt/nt 850 GT
Dimensions 38.10 x 12 m.
Main Engine 4080 BHP Rolls royce Marine Bergen Diesel six-cylinder (3000 kW)
Deck Equipment Winches, cranes and fish pump from Karmoy / 2 x 54.3 ts split trawl-purse seine winch / 1 x 22 ts Tristar power block on SB side / 1 x 36 ts top line winch on SB side of boat deck / 1 x 21 ts tailend/purse and end wire winches / 1 x 18" Karm fish pump / Purse bin= ca. 80 m3 according to GA. Believed to be bigger, the vessel has been fishing with 375x100 fv. size bin. Can easily be increased.
Cooling Equip. 2 x compressors / 1 x condenser / 1 x Teknotherm RSW system - 515,000 Kcal/h
Delivered 2013/12
Sold to/from Sold to Scotland from Norway