Name Malene S
Type Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW / Multi Purpose vessel
Built 2012 Turkey
Class Det Norske Veritas, + 1A1, General Cargo Carrier Fishing Vessel
Tonnage Gt/nt 3,274 GT / 1,077 NT
Dimensions 80.30 x 17.00 m.
Main Engine 5873 BHP MAK 9M32C - anno 2002 (low nox)/ Propulsion system is hybrid and can boost with extra 1500 kw. (4318 kW)
Propeller C/P in kort nozzle, max 140 RPM.
Deck Equipment 2 x 85 ts Z M trawl winches, 1 x 82 ts Karm net drum, 2 x 46 ts Karm purse winches, 1 x 27 ts ZM net hauler / 1 x net bin / The vessel is arranged for pumping aft from the trawls. Some equipment is pre 2012
Cooling Equip. 2 x 1 mil kcal/hr. Make: Oyangen Kulde. Ammonia medium
Delivered 2014/02
Sold to/from Sold from Norway to Iceland in a swap deal with M/V Børkur being sold to Norway
Remarks Besides being a combined trawler and purse seiner, PS 227 is built to handle a variety of other tasks including:- Stand-by operations at oil fields (equipped with DP thrusters (Dynamic       Positioning))- Seismic surveys (equipped with a special keel to handle sonar etc.) - Scientific inspections (fully equipped laboratory aboard The vessel is equiped with a Lifting keel for handeling Sonar The owners prefer a straight sale. Alternatively the owners will consider to take an exchange vessel as payment with the following specifications: type: combi purse senier/pelagic trawler, hold: 1,700 - 2,200 m3, engine: 4,500 - 6500 bhp, built: 1995 or later.