Name Bjarni Olafsson
Type Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW with factory for freezing
Built 1978 Georg Eides & Sønner shipyard, Norway
Class Det Norske Veritas, ✠1A1 Stern Trawler/Deep Sea Fishing, Ice C
Tonnage Gt/nt 1,593 GT / 478 NT
Dimensions 71.67 x 11.60 m.
Main Engine 4800 BHP Wärtsilä Wichmann 12V28B (3529 kW)
Propeller Tacke HSU 630 VA/Wichmann C/P propeller in a kort
Hold Freezing space for apx. 220 tons of frozen and packed Herring/Capelin.
Deck Equipment 2 x 48 ts Karm trawl winches, 1 x 50 ts trawl net drum, 1 x 48 ts trawl net drum etc.
Cooling Equip. 1,100,000 Kcal total: 500,000 Kcal Freon 22 and 600,000 Kcal freon 507
Delivered 2015/04
Sold to/from To Russian interests from Iceland
Remarks   2006: Rebuilt, etc. Vessel rebuilt, sandblasted and painted. New sonar, galley and messroom, wheelhouse re-arranged and new wheelhouse windows, new accommodation for the skipper and engineer. 1998: New maine engine.