Type Long Liner, freezing
Built 1988 Karstensens Skibsværft, Skagen, Denmark
Class DNV GL, ✠ 1A1, Ice-C, Fishing Vessel
Tonnage Gt/nt 466 GT/184 NT
Dimensions 34.00 x 8.20 m
Main Engine 853 BHP Caterpillar, 3508 DITA (627 kW)
Propeller Pay & Brinck BP 360 propeller - Becker rudder
Hold 289 m3 in: 1 x freezing hold (125 m3) + 1 x dry hold (164 m3). Hold for bait 50 m3
Deck Equipment Autoline system 35.000 hooks, Mustad baiting machine (new 2018), 1 x Brattvaag CM-2202BR linehauler winch, 1 x anchor winch, the longline winch has been updated with new baiting machine and other equipment 06/2018.
Freezing Equipment 2 x Dypvad 12 vertical plate freezers, 1 x Dypvad 20 vertical plate freezers, Freezing cap: 12-14 ts/24 hrs.
Factory Processing line, washing bin and conveyor belts, 1 x Baader 166, 1 x Póls S-125/3 scale,
Accomodation 14 persons in 8 cabins. 2 x 1 person, 6 x 2 person
Inspection Upon arrangement with Atlantic Shipping A/S
Price DKK 15,000,000
Remarks Lots of maintenance carried out in 2018! 2018: Vessel totally renovated with clean documents by Søfartsstyrelsen/Danish Maritime Authority and DNV. 2018: Abt. DKK 8 million spent on upgrading, repair, overhauling and new equipment/machinery. New sewage system fitted and bigger tank fitted. The hydraulic was dismantled, checked and reassembled. The main engine, the gear, the generators were taken ashore, dismantled, checked/cleaned and overhauled, reassembled and installed.