M/V Jawhart Al Wusta – Completely rebuilt and ready for fishing!

After 9.5 months of rebuilding, M/V Jawhart Al Wusta has now left Orskov Shipyard in Denmark and is on the way to go fishing in the Arabic Sea.

In April 2020, Atlantic Shipping sold the former krill trawler from Norway to its new owners. The reason for buying a krill trawler was to rebuild her back to her original status as freezer trawler. The vessel was built in 2003 as the 75-meter freezer trawler, M/V Juvel. After 5 years she was lengthened 25 meters and completely rebuilt to become a krill trawler. The vessel had the status of krill trawler until she changed ownership and all krill equipment was removed at Orskov Shipyard. After the removal, the rebuilding process was initiated. Throughout the past 9.5 months, the vessel has got a new pelagic factory with 5 x new RSW receiving tanks, all new ammonia freezing, new freezers for 220 tons/day, new insulated freezing-hold in front, and the accommodation has been enlarged. Despite Covid-19 and lock-downs, this extensive rebuilding was only delayed about 3 weeks.

Today, Jawhart Al Wusta is one of the world’s most modern and effective freezer trawlers. We wish the new owners all the best of luck with their new pelagic freezer trawler.

Atlantic Shipping has assisted in the sales and delivery process of the vessel, and we have assisted the owners in choosing a good setup with an experienced shipyard and the right project manager. We are ready to help you to do the same. Currently, we have other vessels for sale that can be converted to crab vessel or freezer trawler for white or pelagic fish.

Contact us for more information about this rebuilding process or the vessels that we can offer for such a project.

Merry Christmas.