M/V Ruth in Hirtshals harbour
On 6. November 2019 the pelagic trawlers / purse seiners M/V Ruth and M/V Slaatterøy were sold with delivery in February 2020.

The sale is a swap deal between the companies K. Halstensen from Bekkjarvik, Norway and Rederiet Ruth A/S from Hirtshals, Denmark. K. Halstensen is buying M/V Ruth and Rederiet Ruth A/S is buying M/V Slaatterøy. Atlantic Shipping has brokered the sale of these two vessels.

M/V Ruth is 87.80 x 16.70 m and was built at Karstensens Skibsværft in Denmark in 2016 and will become one of the largest pelagic vessels in Norway. M/V Slatterøy is 67.40 x 13.00 m and was built at Slipen Mek. Verksted in Norway in 1997. 

Simultaneously with this sale, Rederiet Ruth A/S has ordered an upgraded version of the current M/V Ruth from Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen to be delivered in 2021. M/V Slaatterøy will be the intermediate vessel between current M/V Ruth and the newbuilding from Karstensens Shipyard. 

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M/V Slaatterøy