M/V Brimnes

2018 was a good and busy year at Atlantic Shipping. Atlantic Shipping brokered around 30 different ship sales, a couple of charter agreements, 5 new-building contracts and a handful of quota deals across 5 continents and around 20 countries. Furthermore, we moved into our new office after more than 20 years at the old location.

Selected Sales

In February, we brokered the sale of the pelagic RSW trawler M/V Adenia from the United Kingdom to Norway. M/V Adenia is 70.00 x 13.5 meters and was built at Flekkefjord Shipyard in Norway in 2003. 

On the same day as M/V Adenia was delivered, M/V Taits II was delivered to her new owners in Norway, being sold from Scotland. M/V Taits II is 77.6 x 13 m and was built in Norway in 2001.

In April, we brokered a triple sale of three vessels: processing/mother vessel M/V Damanzaihao and the pelagic RSW trawlers M/V Enterprise and M/V Pacific Champion. The vessels were taken over in Chimbote Peru.

In May, Atlantic Shipping brokered the sale of the wet-fish trawler M/V Tobis from Denmark to Norway. The ship is 39.95 x 10.00 meters and was built at Karstensens in Denmark in 2009.

In June, Atlantic Shipping brokered the sale of the scallop vessel M/V Kovda from Russia to international interests. M/V Kovda is 59.50 x 13.10 meters and was built at Aukra Industries in Norway in 1987.

In September, Atlantic Shipping brokered the sale of the freezer trawler M/V Nordøytrål. The vessel was sold from Norway to Russia. M/V Nordøytrål is 56.80 x 12.60 meters and was built at Fiskerstrand in Norway in 2001.

In November, the shrimp trawler M/V Acadienne Gale II was sold from Greenland to international interests. M/V Acadienne Gale II is 69.32 x 14. 50 meters and was built at Ørskov in Denmark in 1985.

In December, the freezing trawler M/V Ilivileq was sold from Greenland to Russian buyers. The vessel is 74.50 x 16.00 meters and was built in 2003 on Simek Shipyard in Norway.


M/V Victoria was chartered to the Indian Ocean on a one-year charter. 

M/V Eros was chartered to the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. 

New-building contracts

In March, Atlantic Shipping arranged for the signing of two new building contracts for Royal Arctic Line in Greenland at Zamakona Yards in Bilbao, Spain. The vessels are 67 x 16 m and arranged for carrying frozen goods on pallets, general cargo as well as reefer containers. Read more

In July, Atlantic Shipping arranged for the signing of two additional new-building contracts for Royal Arctic Line. The reefer/container vessels are 36 x 10 meters and are to be built at Nodosa Shipyard in Northern Spain. Read more

Atlantic Shipping also assisted in the project of a new ROPAX ferry, with a capacity for 600 cars and 1800 passengers. The vessel will be built at Guangzhou Shipyard International Company in China and scheduled to be delivered at the end of 2020. Read more

New Office

On 16th April Atlantic Shipping moved the office address from Rysensteensgade 14 to the new office address Islands Brygge 26. The company was at Rysensteensgade 14 for more than 20 years and needed more space and better facilities in order to provide our clients with good and professional support. The new office has better facilities for holding meetings and has great views of the waterfront in Copenhagen.

The new office