REE 813 Reefer vesel19856500 BHP 109.00 x 16x40 230,384.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 794 Reefer vessel19925496 BHP 109.00 x 18.00 265,770.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 306 Reefer vessel19915497 BHP 109.02 x 18.01 265,745.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 799 Reefer vessel19842000 BHP 71.00 x 12.40 252,039.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 214 Reefer vessel19935914 BHP 134.00 x 18.00 248,830.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 211 Reefer vessel19914350 BHP 133.90 x 18.00 248,970.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 264 Reefer vessel19781126 BHP 63.00 x 11.00 73,313.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 217 Reefer vessel19947000 BHP 134.00 x 18.00 269,308.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 800 Reefer vessel19917200 BHP 119.55 x 18.60 302,020.00 CBFTPlease contact our office
REE 790 Reefer vessel198710300 BHP 152.94 x 22.20 469,901.00 CBFTPlease contact our office

Reefer vessels 

A reefer vessel is a refrigerated cargo vessel for transportation of commodities in temperature-controlled conditions. This can be fish, meat, vegetables or dairy products. Reefer vessels store the goods in storage holds under deck, in insulated holds. The holds are arranged so, it meets the conditions (humidity and temperature) for the commodity that is transported. Some reefer vessels have freezing holds for transportation of frozen goods.   

Reefer vessels can either have a side-loading system, a hatch-system with derricks and cranes or it can be a refrigerated container ship.   

Refrigerated container vessels 

The container vessel with refrigerated containers differs much from traditional reefer vessel, as the hold consists of containers both under and over the deck. The size of the hold on these vessels are measured in TEU, twenty-foot Equivalent units, which is around 39 cubic meters pr. Container.  

Reefer vessels for sale 

Atlantic Shipping has in its years of existence been engaged in the sale & purchase of reefer vessels several times. Please contact our office for more information on reefer vessel for sale.  

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