MPP 145 Multi Purpose Vessel20166526 BHP 147.00 x 22.80 17.00 m3Please contact our office

Multi-purpose vessels 

A multi-purpose vessel is a special type of ocean-going cargo vessel. The most common cargo for the multi-purpose vessel (MPV) is wood, steel, construction materials or bulk cargo. The large multi-purpose vessels are made for carrying different kinds of cargo on a single voyage, whereas smaller MPV's normally only are made for single types of cargo. The small MPV's are especially efficient in smaller harbours as they have a limited draft. Due to the diverse operation of the multi-purpose vessel, it can be very complex to design and build.  

Multi-purpose vessels for sale 

In Atlantic Shipping we have a large portfolio of vessels for sale and knowledge within the industry. If you want further information on multi-purpose vessels for sale, please contact our office for more information.   

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