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Fishery inspection and rescue vessels 

Fishery inspection and rescue vessels are vessels often operated by governments for fishery research and to rescue vessels and people at sea. These vessels are support vessels for fishing and maritime industries.  

Fishery inspection vessels 

Fishery inspection vessels are often fast ocean-going vessel for research, fishery inspection, hydrographic operations, water sampling, seismic operations and miscellaneous types of environmental operations. Fishery inspection vessels are often equipped with technologically advanced sonars and tools, to perform their tasks. Fishery inspection vessels are mostly operated by public organizations and are build for very specific operations.    

Rescue vessels 

The rescue vessel covers a wide category of coastguard vessels, rescue vessels and patrol boats. These vessels types carry out many related tasks as patrol of inland waters, pollution control or boarder control.  

SAR vessels 

A general type of rescue vessels are the search and rescue vessels, called SAR. This vessel type is deployed to rescue people and vessels at sea. The SAR vessels are fast, ocean going vessels that can operate in rough seas, to safe people in a dangerous situation at sea.  

Fishery inspection and rescue vessels for sale 

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