ST 1007 Wet fish trawler (for Norwegian Lobster and white fish)1988720 BHP 19.68 x 6.75 80.00 m3314,216 USD
WS 739 Wet fish trawler19801971 BHP 48.65 x 9.5 x 4.3 610.00 m3. 1,379,373 USDTry offer!
WS 1105 Wet fish trawler1982800 BHP 27.95 x 7.00 900.00 boxes885,250 USD
WS 764 Wet fish trawler19971740 BHP 33.89 x 8.70 357.00 m3523,524 USDTry your best offer!
WS 208 Wet fish trawler, w/full shelter deck - pelagic type / Guard Vessel1985,1140 BHP 35.40 x 8.20 289.00 m3 -738,323 USDPlease contact our office
WS 569 Wet fish trawler for shrimps1986630 BHP 25.46 x 6.80 64.00 m3444,175 USD
WS 1218 Wet fish trawler / Flyshooter2019300 BHP 15 x 5.9 60.00 m32,584,132 USDAsking price
PS 194 Purse Seiner / Danish Seiner1990506 BHP 21.26 x 7.01 117.00 m3666,263 USD
PS 252 Gill Netter1988990 BHP 21.32 x 6.47 100.00 m3555,219 USDTry offer!
WS 561 Wet fish trawler w. stern ramp1991985 BHP 25.96 x 7.90 125.00 m3882,799 USD

Wet fish trawler 

The wet fish trawler is a fishing type of vessel for commercial fishing. A wet fish trawler is often a smaller type of vessel that operates on fishing grounds closer to shore. The vessel is also called fresh fish trawler, as it keept the fish caught fresh until it is landed on shore. The wet fish trawler contains the fish in boxes or covered in ice the hold. The wet fish trawler must operate relatively close to shore to get the highest quality of the fish. In addition, the wet fish trawler mostly catches white fish species for human consumption, as cod, flounder, lobster or pollock.  

Stern trawler 

The wet fish stern trawler type is the most common type with trawl winches and its main operations at the stern. Modern wet fish trawlers catch fish by pulling a net, called the trawl, through the water on the fishing grounds, until the trawl is filled. Hereafter it hauls in the trawl to stern and onto the vessel. At some vessels the fish will be processed before it is stored in the holds.   

Wet fish trawler for sale 

The wet fish trawler is a very common fishing vessel in Northern Europe, and Atlantic Shipping has much experience and expertise in inspecting and selling this vessel type. For more information on wet fish trawlers for sale or additional questions, please contact our office.  

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