SFT 403 Freezer trawler for shrimps19741500 BHP 41.03 x 9.01 300.00 m31,200,000 USDInviting offers
SFT 456 Freezer trawler, Twin rigged for H/G-production and industrial shrimps1986, Norway3060 BHP 56.00 x 12.40 900.00 m37,863,099 USD
SFT 184 Shrimp Trawler19822402 BHP 50.55 x 9.76 393.00 m32,000,000 USD
ST 1183 Freezer trawler for shrimps, twin rigged for double trawling1984, France, lengthened in 1998 and upgraded3200 BHP 63.97 x 12.31 908.00 m35,665,075 USD
PS 169 Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / Bottom trawler 19883300 BHP 70.10 x 12.50 1,868.00 m35,202,527 USD
ST 1041 Shrimp Trawler 19801500 BHP 47.15 x 9.50 620.00 m3700,000 USD
SFT 681 Freezer Stern Trawler. Shrimp Factory new 2017, Ice class19722820 BHP 68.66 x 11.71 697.00 m35,553,995 USD

Shrimp Trawler 

The shrimp trawler is a vessel trawler type for catching shrimps and prawns. The shrimp trawlers are often large ocean-going vessels with equipment for boiling, processing and freezing the catch. This vessel types catch shrimps by pulling a trawl through the water from the stern of the vessel. When the trawl is filled, it is being hauled on-board at the stern of the vessel. At large ocean-going shrimp trawlers, the shrimps are then transported to the factory for boiling and processing, then to the freezing, packaging and lastly to the storage on the vessel. A shrimp trawler can have a LOA up to approx. 90 meters and 4000 GT. These large shrimp trawlers have factory on board for processing and are often twin rigged with two trawls, operated from the stern of the vessel.  

Arctic type shrimp trawler 

Many larger shrimp trawlers operate in arctic waters near the North Pole. These shrimp trawlers therefore need to be ice strengthened to operate in the freezing waters. Besides to shrimp trawling, the shrimp trawler vessels can most often also catch several white fish species as halibut and cod.  

Shrimp trawlers for sale 

Most of the shrimp trawlers for sale with Atlantic Shipping, are ocean-going shrimp trawlers with ice class. Atlantic Shipping has much experience in the sale and purchase of shrimp trawlers, but also in newbuilding of shrimp trawlers. Please contact our office for more information on shrimp trawlers for sale.

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