PS 211 Pelagic trawler / RSW19821450 BHP 24.75 x 7.32 250.00 m3Inviting offers
PS 228 Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW20124000 BHP 64.00 x 13.80 1,641.00 m3Price idea NOK 130,000,000 (USD 15,130,000)
PS 356 Pelagic trawler / RSW1995, 6700 BHP 72.80 x 13.00 2,361.00 m3 Try offers above GBP 5-5,5 mil.
PS 554 Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW 20036120 BHP 71.10 x 14.40 2,000.00 m3Please contact our office
PS 241 Pelagic trawler19892448 BHP 49.00 x 10.00 900.00 m3INVITING OFFER
PS 432 Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW19997500 BHP 67.40 x 13.00 1,968.00 m3Try offer above NOK 70 mil
PS 333 Purse Seiner / Pelagic trawler / RSW / Research vessel20076870 BHP 75.40 x 14.60 1,999.00 m3 16,248,507 USD
PS 383 Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW19864500 BHP 65.00 x 12.60 2,050.00 m3Please contact our office
PS 547 Pelagic trawler/ RSW 20036120 BHP 64.00 x 13.00 1,638.00 m39,284,861 USD
PS 372 Purse seiner / pelagic trawler / RSW19966256 BHP 75 x 12 1,850.00 m35,803,038 USDPrice idea

Purse seiner

A purse seiner is a vessel type that is widely used in fishery of pelagic species as mackerel, blue whiting and herring. The purse seiner vessels operate all over the world, with a great concentration in the waters surrounding Denmark and Norway.

When the purse seiner is operating, the vessel will make a circle with the seine, creating a purse, where the shoal of fish cannot escape. From here the seine is hauled in, until the seine is at the stern or side of the vessel. The fish will then be pumped into the purse seine vessels' tanks, where it is stored, until the vessel is back at the harbor. At many newer purse seiner vessels, the fish is stored in tanks with refrigerated sea water, called RSW. These systems allow the fish to stay fresh until they are landed. Several older RSW systems are chilled with Freon, whereas newer vessels are chilled with Ammonia.   

Pelagic trawlers

In Northern Europe, many purse seiners are combined with trawling functions. This vessel type can be described as a “purse seiner / pelagic trawler”. The pelagic trawler is enabling fishery on other types of species. The purse seiner / pelagic trawler is an ocean-going vessel type that can stay ashore for weeks until the RSW tanks are full.

Pelagic trawling is a fishing method where the trawler vessel drags a net, called the trawl, at the stern of the vessel until the net is full. Pelagic trawlers enable fishery on species cannot be caught by purse seining.

Tuna purse seiner

The tuna purse seiner special type of purse seiner that are constructed especially for catching tuna. The tuna purse seiner only operates in warmer waters as the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. This vessel type differs from the pelagic purse seiners, as the tuna purse seiner has a skiff boat to set the seine. Skiff boats are used as they are quicker to set the seine than the purse seiner itself. In addition, tuna purse seiners also have helipads, as helicopters often are used for scaring the tuna into shoals, so that they more easily can be caught. When the tunas are caught in the net, the net will be craned onto the vessel and stored in freezing hold. Tuna purse seiners normally contain the tunas in -40° Celsius.

Purse seiner / pelagic trawlers for sale

Throughout the history of Atlantic Shipping, the purse seiner / pelagic trawler has been one of the most traded vessel types. Atlantic Shipping has much experience in the sale and purchase of the purse seiner / pelagic trawler type as well as the newbuilding process. Please contact our office for more information on the purse seiner / pelagic trawler for sale. 

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