LL 246 Long liner (freezer, H/G) with processing factory 19932722 BHP 49.90 x 12.00 700.00 m310,000,000 USDTry offer. In 2011 major rebuilding and upgrades carried out
LL 237 Long liner, with freezer1989750 BHP 42.19 x 8.50 455.00 m33,498,354 USD'as is where is'
LL 392 Long Liner / Gill netter 20171897 BHP 45.00 x 9.20580.00 m315,799,017 USD"NEW VESSEL, BUILD 2017"
LL 194 Long liner. Rigged for Patagonian Toothfish19871299 BHP 54.30 x 9.01 678.00 m3677,101 USDoffers invited
LL 110 Long Liner20103218 BHP 51.30 x 12.40 800.00 m3Direct from Owner, Price on request


The long-liner fishing vessel is a commercial type of fishing vessel, used for catching various types of larger species, often in Arctic and Antarctic waters. The long-liner vessel can be in all sizes, from 25-65 meters, depending on the species it is used for. The long-liner operates by setting a long line of hooks with bait on, from the stern of the vessel. The line can either be mid-water or bottom longline depending on the type of species. The long-line can be up to 10 kilometers with 70.000 hooks. Many new long-liners use an autoline system, where the line is set automatically.  

Tuna long-liner 

In the tuna industry, the long-liner vessel is widely used. Tuna long-liners often have freezing systems, as Tuna needs to be frozen quickly after it has been caught. In the pacific waters, this is a very common method of catching different kinds of tuna species.  

Long-liner for sale  

Atlantic Shipping has throughout the past 30 years sold many long-liners. We have an extensive knowledge within in this field and hope to assist you with your business. For more information on long-liners for sale, please contact our office.  

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