LFC 179 Live fish carrier19661300 BHP 50.00 x 7.60 600.00 m3.4,493,200 USD
LFC 113 Live fish carrier 1982626 BHP 35.65 x 7.80 300.00 m3533,184 USDTry offer.

Live fish carrier 

The live fish carrier is a special type of vessel for transportation of live fish, especially for salmon. Most often this vessel type is used in aquaculture for transporting the fish stock from farm to factory. A live fish carrier is equipped with tanks or wells for the storage of fish during transportation. The fish stock is pumped from the farm site and onto the vessel and again from the tanks and into the processing factory.  


The live fish carrier is often being called well-boat, as the tanks on the vessel is called wells. The well-boat fleet has grown increasingly the last 5-10 years with the growth of salmon aquaculture, especially in Norway and Scotland. Increasingly well-boats are also used to delousing of salmon with either fresh water or hot water treatments. This has given well-boats a more central role in aquaculture, as the aquaculture industry is growing.  

Live fish carrier for sale 

In Atlantic Shipping we have an extensive knowledge for fishing vessels and live fish carriers for sale. The aquaculture industry will continue to grow in the years to come and thus, Atlantic Shipping has much attention on this segment. Atlantic Shipping can develop several live fish carriers for sale. Please contact our office for more information on live fish carriers for sale.  

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