SFT 456 Freezer trawler, Twin rigged for H/G-production and industrial shrimps1986, Norway3060 BHP 56.00 x 12.40 900.00 m37,633,554 USD
SFT 310 Freezer trawler19953589 BHP 53.10 x 12.00 600.00 m3Please contact our office
SFT 395 Freezer trawler198810400 BHP 119.8. x 19.00 8,366.00 m328,000,000 USD
SFT 629 Freezer trawler19887200 BHP 120.47 x 19.03 2,225.00 Tons25,000,000 USD
SFT 930 Freezer trawler, BATM type19827000 BHP 125.22 x 16.00 2,200.00 tons10,000,000 USDAs is, where is - Try offer!
SFT 486 Freezer trawler, BATM type19837000 BHP 103.70 x 16.00 2,535.00 m3Inviting offers
SFT 1026 Freezer trawler19881800 BHP 42.20 x 10.40 425.00 m3Please contact our office
SFT 243 Freezer Trawler19813200 BHP 86.25 x 12.50 2,440.00 m35,000,000 USD
SFT 403 Freezer trawler for shrimps19741500 BHP 41.03 x 9.01 300.00 m31,200,000 USDInviting offers
ST 1166 Freezer trawler, rigged for double trawling20015000 BHP 54.60 x 13.00 553.00 m317,000,000 USDTry offer above USD 17 mill. for Owners consideration

Freezer trawler 

The freezer trawler is a common vessel type for catching white fish for human consumption. Freezer trawlers are generally large commercial fishing vessels that operate far from shore with freezing equipment on board. Most of the freezer trawlers for sale with Atlantic Shipping have processing onboard, and can make fillets or head on gutted, called H/G, to direct consumption for the consumer. 

Factory trawler 

The factory trawler is a freezer trawler with the capacity to process the fish on board. The factory trawler has extensive equipment in the factory for filleting or head on gutted fish products. After the fish has been processed in the factory it will be frozen and stored in freezing holds on the vessel. Therefore, the factory trawler is an all-in-one type of fishing vessel.  

Freezer stern trawler 

A stern trawler operates on fishing grounds by trawling a net through the from the stern of the vessel. When the trawl has been filled, it is being hauled in and the fish is lifted onboard. The stern trawler is the most common trawler type, in opposition to the side trawler, which is being used more infrequently today.   

Arctic freezer trawler 

A special type of trawler is the arctic type freezer trawler. This vessel type has a strengthened hull for ice conditions and are generally build very strong. Most of the arctic freezer trawlers operates in the arctic waters around Norway, Iceland, Greenland, Canada and Russia where they catch arctic cod, halibut or haddock.  

Midwater trawler  

Midwater trawlers are vessels that catch fish in midwater. This vessel type is catching pelagic fish whos habitat is near the surface and the midwater. Midwater trawling can be performed by two vessels, operating one trawl, which is called pair trawling. When the fish are aggregated into larger shoals, the midwater pair trawling is highly effective.  

Freezer trawler for sale 

Atlantic Shipping has throughout its history sold many freezer trawlers. Currently, Atlantic Shipping has many freezer trawlers for sale, and we have an extensive knowledge in the sale and purchase of this type of vessel. In addition, we have assisted several shipyards and owners in the design, legal, technical and financial aspects of newbuilding of freezer trawlers. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information of freezer trawlers for sale 

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